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We have the new platform for online purchase. Go to the it collection.

All proceeds go towards supporting our work in training rural women in Indonesia to be solar lamp entrepreneurs. Help us make their journey to become an Ibu Rumah Terang a reality.

Please note that lamps are available for purchase in Singapore only at this moment. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can also choose to pay to NDI by cheque, please address your cheque to

    Name: Nusantara Development Initiatives Ltd
    Bank Code: 7171 (DBS Current)
    Account No:0489033312

Please email us at to let us know as well.

S20 - $30.00 SGD
S300 - $60.00 SGD

Want to Make a Donation Instead?

A donation to NDI is invested in training a rural woman to be an entrepreneur. Think of it as providing seed capital for a rural woman to start a sustainable business. Proceeds from her business is then used to obtain another batch of lamps, hence future donations are no longer required.

You may choose one of the amounts suggested below, or you can decide on any amount you are comfortable with. All donations are invested 100% into our training and empowerment program.

You can post your donation to NDI by cheque, please address your cheque to the address mentioned above.

Below are the suggested option, or you could also give any amount that you wish:
            $30.00 for 1 lamp (S20) as initial support
            $100.00 for Training and basic marketing support
            $300.00 for Training, marketing support and business-in-a-bag

The S20 (Kiran) is the world’s most affordable solar powered lamp for its class. At 300 grams, it weighs as light as a box of chocolate. Little children, and even moms, have called the Kiran 'cute'. (We don’t want to bore you with the technical details as you can find them here.)

So why do you need one? Well, it will look nice at night in your room. It can after all, act as a night light. Or you may be an avid camper or have an outdoor area which needs some calm lighting. But whatever the reasons may be, the Kiran helps make the world a better place. Because you are supporting our work in bringing light to rural communities. And you are also keeping the planet safe. That we feel, matters a lot. ‘Kiran’ means ‘ray of light’ by the way. And aptly so.

The S300, if we may, is the heavy duty cousin of the S20. It is akin to the sudden bright star one sees in the night sky. And for good reasons too: It can emit more than 100 hours of light with the same charging time as the S20. And get this- it can also charge your mobile phones (check out the specs here.)

We believe a hallmark of a good device is how it is put to new, inventive uses. Friends and strangers who have bought the lamp from us have put it through a wide variety of uses: Night fishing, additional lighting for basic construction work at night and for toilet lights (yes, in Singapore).

Some said they really have no specific reasons to buy the lamp. Because it is just that cool.