Get Involved

Looking for something bigger in life?

We are always looking for good people to join our team of dedicated volunteers. There are three key things we look out for: passion, humility, dedication. We can work out the finer details later.

Volunteering for NDI is not a role to be taken lightly or done on the fly to fill up time. We are responsible for the livelihood of rural women-that is as serious as it gets!

Currently we have a pool of about 20 active volunteers who are university students and young professionals. They come from various countries, work in diverse industries and have varying areas of expertise. One of our volunteers aptly summed it up as "strength-based organization". Find out more about their experience and aspirations by clicking on the photos below.

Our Volunteers

The minimum commitment for volunteers is one year, during which we will work with you to develop a meaningful job scope. Although you are giving your time and skills, we do not see our relationship with you as one way. We want to help maximize your potential through NDI, learn the ropes on rural development, and ultimately grow as a person. This really means that how much you learn and grow will depend on how much initiative you want to take and how committed you are in wanting to learn and develop.

Some of our past volunteers have gone on to embark on other social initiatives such as starting overseas community projects, developing training programmes for migrant workers in Singapore, and volunteering as a teacher with Teach for Indonesia.

Sounds good? Then find out more about the various roles in NDI here. Application is open all year round!